A Good Start to the Week

Got a nice surprise today when Twitter pinged me to say I'd won a Twitter contest of sorts from Gotham Writers. Every month, the fine folks at Gotham have a micro (nano?) writing contest where they supply a theme and solicit stories in the form of a single tweet related to that theme. The hashtag is #storieseverywhere and it's worth checking out. They've had some really great stuff come through each month (the winners are listed here).

The theme for January was "Ticking Clock". Speaking as someone who never wins lotteries, raffles, or anything else that's based on random luck, it was nice to win something that gave a bit of a nod to my storytelling chops, though you could argue they're not much on display in less than 140 characters. I have to say, though, that it's an interesting challenge to write something... shall we say "storylike" in that amount of space. A good exercise, for sure. And the prize is rad - a course from Gotham. I've taken one of their classes in the past and loved it, even got an idea from one of the homework assignments that might, one day, get developed into a full piece.

(The prompt for February is "Romance Gone Wrong" - pretty fertile ground.)

Lately, I've been focusing on the existing novel (revise revise revise) and the next novel (character sketches and research) so it's a nice reminder of the utility of writing exercises and short (micro, and nano) form writing as well.

So is that why I was compelled to write a blog post?

No, just guilt. :)

But here, for what it's worth, is the tweet that won me a course from Gotham:

5 losses, and #6 starts with bleeding and bed rest. Fear never leaves, but dissipates slightly in a flutter of tiny kicks