Short Stories

Short Stories

I've got a novel or two under my bed, but I also love to read and write short stories. Here are a few that have made it out into the wider world.

The Back Orchard

...has been in my head in some form possibly since high school. I worked summers and weekends for a family-owned orchard and bakeshop. The setting was idyllic and the family who ran the pace were fantastic. But I still found myself sometimes creeped out in the sunny quiet of those endless rows, half expecting someone or something to step out from between the trees.

This story was published in October 2016 in Dark Moon Digest by Perpetual Motion Machine, alongside some other pretty solid scary stories.

The Edge of the Wild

...was inspired by a trip I took to the stunning Tetons in Wyoming. The mangy dogs crossing the path in the wilderness are real. Their eyes, however, looked normal (thank goodness).

This story was a finalist in the Stuff You Should Know podcast's first annual horror fiction contest and was published in December 2014 in Disturbed Digest Magazine by Alban Lake Publishing.

The Hangar about a girl who discovers what looks like an airplane hangar in a deserted corner of town. The building seems empty from the outside, but horrible things happen to those who venture inside.

This story is available in Mistresses of the Macabre, an anthology by Dark Moon Books. 

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